Alivia Irwin, LCSW


Sometimes You Just Need Someone Else on Your Team

Parent Consultation

You may have concerns and questions about your child and want some extra support. You’ve tried what your well-intentioned parents, family, and friends have said, you’ve tried what has worked with your other kids, you’ve read books and blogs, but things aren’t clicking completely. You know something is off and you don’t want things to continue as they are, you want to catch them now.

Parent consultation or training are for these times. Perhaps you don’t necessarily feel that your child has symptoms that qualify for a diagnosis, but you don’t just want to continue to wait it out either. Parents use consultation when:

  • They have concerns about behaviors they are seeing in their child.

  • What they have tried isn’t working as well as they’d like.

  • They want an expert’s outside perspective.

  • Their child doesn’t necessarily meet criteria for a diagnosis, or if they do they are stabilized or seeing a therapist elsewhere and this is extra support for the parent.

Consultation can be used

  • in person

  • by video

  • by phone

  • to help direct them to other resources in their area - to therapy or occupational therapy for example

Consultation cannot be used

  • when there are safety issues - a child is cutting, is exhibiting suicide ideation

  • when a child is using substances

  • when a diagnosis is needed for the child

Consultation is not

  • therapy for a parent - this is not individual psychotherapy for a parent. For example, we are not doing deep work on a parent’s own difficulties based on their history, looking at their symptoms, providing them with a diagnosis.

  • therapy for a child

  • family therapy

The Process is simple. Contact me at the number below. If you’d like a free consultation to determine if we are a good fit I’m happy to provide that. If you know you’re ready to start working together you can contact me by text, phone, or email. I’ll need your email address and phone number and days and times that are good for our first session together which will be an intake. I’ll email you a link to the secure client portal which will have several forms for you to complete. I’ll also send a link to your phone for a secure app that we’ll use for our texting, calling, and video appointments. You choose how often we meet and for how long.


  • Intake - first appointment, 60-90 minutes, $180 (alternatively you can book this using the orange button below as “Intake”)

  • 50 minute appointment, $125 (in your client portal you can book this as “Regular Session”)

  • 30 minute appointment, $65 (in your client portal you can book this as “Half Session”)